Let’s meet in Wrocław

Our Firm is located in Wrocław, an exceptional city in the heart of Lower Silesia in which history and modernity intertwine, creating a charming and energetic city, worth a longer visit.

On the elevations of some historic tenement houses, e.g. in the Nadodrze district, we can still see the remains of German signs of workshops and shops that witnessed history before 1945. Our office is located in a historic tenement house joined with a modern office block in a business part of Wrocław where only the tenement house at Legnicka 52 reminds us that once Wrocław lived at a different pace.

Today Wrocław is a modern city built and created by its proud residents with a great passion. Next to old tenement houses that remember old residents of Breslau modern office blocks and business parks are built, young people from all Poland come here, want to live and study here because Wrocław is famous for its friendliness not only towards its residents but also towards incomers. Everybody can find their place here.

We like Włodkowica Street the most; it delights with the beauty of monuments of sacred architecture of the Four Denominations District (also called the District of Mutual Respect), of modern hotels and office blocks, offering countless cafes and bars. This is Wrocław, full of charm and sentiment. The residents of Wrocław like going forward; we want to conquer the world however always with respect for the past and history of our city.  

Wrocław is also a business-friendly city. The energy of a large city, numerous universities and colleges, road infrastructure connecting it with all large cities in Poland (Warsaw, Katowice, Kraków, Poznań, Gdańsk, Szczecin, Łódź) as well as Germany, international airport, modern business centres and unlimited possibilities for investment and finding passionate employees encourage foreign investors and companies from across the Oder River to visit Wrocław and conduct their business here… or from here. We are happy that as lawyers advising in cross-border Polish-German economic relations we can be a part of the Wrocław community and international business and support entrepreneurs in their everyday activity in Poland. We are happy that we can invite you to our exceptional city.