§ 01
Succession Cases

  • support in the preparation of statements regarding acceptance or waiver of succession,
  • cooperation with debt enforcement offices in order to establish the size of inheritance,
  • cooperation with notary offices in order to reach out-of-court solutions in succession cases,
  • preparation of all documents for the commencement of succession proceedings,
  • court representation in succession proceedings,
  • representation in appeal proceedings in succession cases,
  • support in succession proceedings in which the participants are not Polish citizens.

§ 02
Family Cases

  • support in divorce and separation proceedings,
  • preparation of documents necessary for divorce or separation proceedings,
  • representation in divorce or separation proceedings,
  • support in the establishment of contractual matrimonial property regime, for example, extension of statutory joint property, creation of separate estates,
  • legal assistance in matters regarding maintenance obligation,
  • preparation of documents necessary to initiate maintenance proceedings,
  • representation in maintenance proceedings,
  • cooperation with debt enforcement offices in the scope of maintenance obligation enforcement,
  • legal support in the scope of shaping legal relations between a child and parents, for example matters regarding the limitation or termination of parental responsibility, contacts between a parent and a child,
  • legal support in the scope of adoption,
  • representation in adoption proceedings.

§ 03
Criminal Cases

  • legal support in cases in which the commission of offence is suspected,
  • representation before all law enforcement bodies,
  • preparation of documents in order to initiate criminal proceedings,
  • preparation of pleadings as well as documentation necessary during the entire proceedings,
  • representation in criminal proceedings at every stage.